45 East Williston Ave
East Williston, NY 11596
Email: ccew@optonline.net

Select service recordings, deep from the vaults of  the Community Church of East Williston.


5/12/2013 By This Will You Know Them
5/19/2013 The Name of the Tree Comes from the Fruit It Bears
5/26/2013 Faith: Either-Or, Not Little or More
5/5/2013 Between the No Longer and the Not Yet
7/21/2013 Busyness As Usual
7/28/2013 Lord, Teach Us to Pray
8/4/2013 Come and Learn from a Fool
7/7/2013 The Girl Without A Name
6/30/2013 Christian Love – It’s Just not Natural
06/23/2013 Deep calls to Deep
6/16/13 Our Very Own Little Jezebel Within Us
6/9/2013 Children’s Day