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activities1-bbqWe have many activities at our church.  They involve many areas; from the administration and religious activities of the church, through the social activities for the church family (its member and friends), to the community outreach of the church.

There is something for everyone. You can find one or more you enjoy  and join in. The opportunity to participate and enjoy oneself exists.

Youth Fellowship Group

activities2-kidsPrograms include overnight trips, ball games, baking pies and meals for shut-ins, organizing and running the annual Halloween party for the younger kids.

The 4C’s – Adult Social Program:  Activities include:  Annual BBQ, Holiday Progressive Dinner, Annual Drama Production, Brunch, etc.  Child care is usually provided for the events that are held at the church by the youth group leaders.

Music Ministry

Adult Choir  – Children’s Choir  – Youth Choir  –  Hand Bells  – Instrumental Group


Prayer Group

Prayer Group meets every wed morning at 10am to pray aloud for all those listed on the Sunday bulletin and anyone else who is brought to our attention. This prayer group is open to all and we would welcome anyone who wishes to attend. We would be glad to pray for and with you.

Bible Study

Bible Study meets every Wednesday at 10.45am and is open to all. We study and discuss bible topics new members are welcome. We have some “Heavy Hitters” who can help you with your bible questions and further your knowledge of the bible and how it can be applied in today’s world.