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Brothers and Sisters!

As we close out the month of October, I’m writing this as my heart leaps with joy over our journey through the book of Psalm this month. I know we all are anxious to leap into a new month but I want you to know that your faith has encouraged me as we shift and go through change. Not only here at CCEW, but also throughout our world as well.  Safe to say, this doesn’t feel like the world we knew a year ago. But trusting in God has brought us to this point and I strongly believe God will never fail us!

Change may be the only constant, but many of us are weary and worn out, wondering how much more disruption we can handle. Perhaps it’s fitting, then, that the message this week will encourage your spirit with the title, “When The Ride Is Worth The Wait.”  This message looks at waiting patiently on the Lord. When we wait on God, He always comes through and provides for us! For instance, this week I had the pleasure of speaking to one of our little members, Emma. Emma shared her creativity of dealing with a “Pandemic Halloween.” Emma is 7,  and shared that her family will be participating in Halloween a bit different this year. She said that her parents will go into different rooms in the house. Next, she and her siblings will knock on the door’s and her parents will be handing out candy to them as they say “Trick or Treat!” Emma has a solution to the problem! Emma certainly encouraged me to see, even in the midst of our situation, we can still have a good time, though modified a bit. Emma represents the best of us as the children of God. That when things aren’t going our way, if we wait on God, there is always a solution to our problems or issues.

Like so many of you, I miss much about the way life was a year ago. And yet somehow we find the courage to embrace the inevitable cycles. I’m thankful that our leadership here at CCEW has a plan for the problem. But most importantly, God is the solution for all of our problems!  In the meantime—mask up (especially at CCEW), stay safe, and as always, thanks for reading!

I look forward to our time together in Christ Jesus as we bring families together around the word of God!

Pastor DJJ